SIGMAX has been raising funds for professional investors in private equity and infrastructure since 2005. The firm takes on a limited number of assignments each year, preferring to work on a simple basis with each mandate specified and executed to best suit its client. We tailor the manager approach and introduce our selected professional to suited institutional investors and pension plans.

Global Approach

The firm has a thorough knowledge of, and established relationships with, the principal North American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and Australian investors and interacted with them on its clients’ behalf independently and confidentially.

Solution Oriented Placement Capabilities

In addition to raising capital expeditiously, SIGMAX adds significant value at every stage of the fundraising process, including the provision of:

  • detailed pre-marketing strategies
  • industry-leading marketing materials
  • due diligence preparation and coordination, and market insight
  • positioning and terms negotiations
  • tailored investor relations programmes

Integrated Advisory Work

The firm’s integrated placement, consultancy and secondary advisory work set SIGMAX apart from other advisers, with core LP relationships and a more thorough understanding of what it takes to build a leading private equity business and attract the best institutional support.

SIGMAX covers the significant institutional investors in the developed world (North America, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea and Australia) and the developing countries (SE Asia, Greater China, Central Asia and Latin America). We are in constant dialogue with the major investor types: pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, corporates, insurers, family offices, fund of funds, private banks, banks and development finance institutions.

We are differentiated by the breadth and depth of our global reach with investors accessed locally through five global offices. Also, our understanding of, and access to, global pension consultants set us apart. Our staff originate from diverse backgrounds including limited partners, pension consultants, investment banks, alternative investment firms and placement agents. This diversity sets us apart.

We seek best-in-class GPs and Management Teams. Target investment strategies and businesses are underwritten by strong secular fundamentals and right cyclical timing. The combination of these characteristics ensures strong investment performance and an optimal investor experience. SIGMAX's placement mandates are typically global, offering the potential to raise at least $100m in fund or corporate capital commitments.

SIGMAX’s process produces tangible results. We begin every capital increase with a customised marketing strategy that sets out clear milestones for success. Through diligence and pre-marketing efforts, we translate investor requirements into well-defined offerings that are optimal for appealing to the marketplace.

Our investor interaction is coordinated by senior members of the project management team to ensure a centralized and solutions-focused approach. We understand client service and pride ourselves on transparent and regular communications with our clients throughout the capital raising process. Our integrated infrastructure allows us to work efficiently across asset classes and continents to deliver seamless global marketing.

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